12.1 You undertake that:

(a) all information you give to the Company, its Affiliates and any Practitioner will be accurate and not omit anything of importance;

(b) you will comply with all instructions and advice given to you by any Practitioner;

(c)  if, following use of the App, you are in any doubt, or have any concerns regarding any information or advice you have received or failed to receive via the Services, or regarding your health, wellbeing or any conditions, you agree to seek further medical opinion from a registered GP or suitable healthcare professional not affiliated with the Services and/or shall utilise the emergency services as applicable.

(d)  you will comply with any instructions given in relation to any prescription given to you including in particular route, timing and dosages;

(e)  you will promptly report any side effects of any prescription to a Practitioner.

(f)  you will protect anything prescribed to you and not permit any other person access to the prescription;

(g) you will not use any prescription after its expiry date;

(h) you will not register more than once with the App or the Services;

(i) subject to clause 16 you will not register on behalf of any other person or answer questions or pretend to be any other person;

(j) you will promptly notify the Company if you are aware that any part of your medical record in the App or held by the Company including any tests, prescriptions, imaging, advice given or opinion expressed is incomplete or inaccurate; and

(k)  to help us protect the privacy and security of your information, you agree not to make independent recordings of consultations. Your consultations are available for playback within the App.