Why join babylon’s affiliate program?

babylon puts GP appointments, medical advice and health monitoring tools into the palm of your customer's hands. Combining cutting-edge mobile and AI technology with the best clinical expertise, babylon enables your team to book an appointment in seconds and see a doctor, therapist or specialist in minutes, from wherever they are.


Delight customers 

Provide customers with access to GPs, prescriptions, specialists and advanced tools to monitor their health.

Strengthen brand image 

Partner with the leading digital healthcare brand adopted by leading corporations and integrated with the NHS.

Increase loyalty

Drive repeat visits and retain customers. We can also drive customers back to your website.

Increase revenue

Increase basket size and frequency of purchases while earning a fee per paying customer you refer. 


How to join the programme

  1. Fill out the form using the link below

  2. Use our marketing materials to promote the service

  3. Receive commission every time someone clicks on our logo on your media and registers with babylon