What Is Unhealthy Anger?

Anger is a natural, and sometimes useful, emotion, but it can become unhealthy when we have a problem controlling it. It can have a negative impact on many aspects of your life including your relationships, work and your quality of life. When anger becomes excessive it can be a symptom of more complex mental health issues.

Anger can become addictive for some due to the physiological and chemical changes we feel when we become angry. These surges of adrenaline and heightened heart rate may cause certain people to have regular outbursts allowing their anger to get out of control.

What Causes It?

Anger can be caused by many things including stress, abuse, personal demands placed upon you, your environment and financial worries. We all interpret situations differently and what might make one person angry may not make another person angry at all.

There are many factors which may dictate how we react to certain situations but these may include past experiences, current circumstances, bullying, your childhood and upbringing, disappointment, hormonal imbalance, failure, grief or bereavement, the use of alcohol, tiredness and verbal and physical assault. 

Treatment Options

Anger management treatment can be delivered in the form of anger management programmes, talking treatments or specifically targeted treatment for anger for violent and abusive behaviour. Some programmes of therapy may be delivered in groups or one to one. A mixture of talking therapies are effective in the treatment of anger issues such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), counselling and psychotherapy. Talking therapies can help people explore their feelings; causes of their anger and help individuals develop improved responses to the situations which make them angry.


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