Q. What is Ask?

A. Ask is a free texting service to get general healthcare advice on a one off general healthcare question.


Q. Is Ask a chat service?

A. No Ask is a One question One Answer service. It is not a consultation service, if you require a consultation please click on the consult button.


Q. Who answers my ask questions and are they qualified?

A. These are answered by both doctors and nurses who are all GMC registered or members of NMC.


Q. How long does it take for my questions to be answered?

A. Within our normal working hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Saturday, and 4pm to 8pm on Sundays we aim to answer your question as quickly as possible. 


Q. Can I ask a question for a friend or a family member?

A. Ask is for general healthcare advice and recommendations, so you can ask a question for someone else. 


Q. Can I attach a photo or voice recording?

A. Yes, by selecting the paper clip you can take a photo or upload an existing photo. You can also send a voice recording to ask your questions, however it will be answered in text form.


Q. Where can I find the answer to my Ask question?

A. You should receive a notification saying that your question has been answered. To find your answer go to Clinical Records, and select Questions. Your past questions and answers will be found here.