babylon doctors - FAQ



babylon health is a digital healthcare service providing patients with secure video and telephone consultations with GPs and specialists. We have over 100 doctors in our babylon network and this is growing month on month.

We have recently been inspected by the CQC (CQC registration number: 1245341774) who has confirmed that we are safe, caring, effective, responsive and well led.

Our mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. How? By combining the ever growing computing power of machines, with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and making it universally available.


What does it mean to be a babylon GP?

As a babylon GP you will be providing digital consultations via a secure babylon desktop platform. Consultations are 10 minutes and you will see up to 5 patients an hour. You have the ability to prescribe if needed and also order pathology tests and imaging. The babylon system is set up to allow you to review all patient notes and data easily. You will also answer general healthcare questions from patients via text. Currently, 94% of our members rate our service 4 or 5 star.

What attracts clinicians to work for babylon most, is to be at the forefront of digital healthcare providing excellent and accessible patient care. As well as this, the ability to work from home allows GPs to be more flexible, balancing work and family life. It also means you can reduce your time commuting and completing admin work. Our service operates 8am-8pm 7 days a week which means you can work shifts that suit you. This may also include evenings and weekends. You would be part of an incredibly supportive team of fellow GPs and our clinical support team are on hand to assist you when you’re on session. Further still, we can offer free training courses to you which are accredited by the CPD and would win you credits.


Selection and the recruitment process

Our babylon doctors are selected for their clinical expertise, their interest in making our mission a reality, and their understanding of how technology can enhance the patient experience.

Our recruitment process starts with reviewing your CV. You will then have a short digital interview designed so you can complete it at any time, anywhere. You will then have a final video interview with one of our in-house GPs. After this, you are invited to our on-boarding process to ensure we have all the correct documents. The purpose of our recruitment process is to create a network of GPs who are interested in being at the forefront of digital health who we can call on now or in the future as babylon grows.


On-boarding process

All of our doctors have at least 2 years post-registration experience, with the average babylon doctor having 10 years experience. We ensure we have your passports and right to work documents, GMC registration and safeguarding certificates, medical indemnity and NHS appraisal documents, DBS and references before you can access our portal. We try to make this as pain free as possible but enabling you to upload all your documents via our on boarding system.


Training of babylon doctors

All of our clinicians are provided training to ensure they are familiar with our CQC policy documents and system. Our doctors are required to undergo on-line training though a number of modules that cover (I) technical aspects of the service, (2) conducting a structured consultation, (3) effective note keeping and communication and (4) mandatory training on key babylon CQC policies and guidelines. All babylon doctors are then required to undertake at least two full simulated consultations prior to going live. We have monthly GP calls and training for all our GPs.


babylon service and sessions

Our service operates 8am-8pm 7 days a week and our GP sessions are usually 4 hours. However, the flexible nature of our service means these sessions can be shorter or longer depending on your schedule. We understand GPs often have extremely busy and varied working weeks and we aim to work around this. On average our GPs give 10 hours a week but there are certainly more hours available week on week. You can take on regular sessions and ad-hoc sessions.


How many members do we have?

Over 300,000 and we’re growing rapidly, in fact we operate in UK, Ireland and have just launched in Rwanda, with plans to expand our service globally. You will see private, corporate and NHS members.


Consultation outcomes

Over 80% of our consultations are closed by our babylon GPs meaning they don’t require further medical attention. If a prescription is required, this can be issued and GPs are able to refer to specialists and order diagnostic tests. We also have our own babylon therapy service and specialist service that patients can be referred to.


How does the prescription process work?

Our GP portal is specially designed so that our GP team is easily able to prescribe through choosing from a specifically designed formulary. This will then generate a secure electronic prescription. The clinical support team and pharmacy lead manage the prescription process to ensure prescriptions are ready at the chosen pharmacy within an hour for our patients. You will need to send the original and ink signed prescriptions to the pharmacy directly as per regulation but we provide stamped and addressed envelopes to make this as easy as possible.


What about my indemnity?

All our GPs have received positive responses from their medical indemnity organisations about their babylon consultations. They recognise this work. We have met with and have support from all indemnity providers, including MDU, MPS and MDDUS. We can advise and support you through this process.


CPD-accredited ‘Introduction to Video Consulting’ Course

babylon are committed to the training and development of our GP Team and to that effect, we have used our clinical expertise to  developed an online training course which is accredited by the CPD. This is  an ‘Introduction to Video Consulting’ and can be accessed through clicking here and using access code RCGP2016