Bally Bhathal



Bally Bhathal is a BACP registered Counsellor and has been a practising counsellor for 12 years having completed her studies at Warwick University in 2004. Bally became a counselling supervisor in 2015 and has experience of supervising the clinical work of trainee counsellors and practitioners within a Leicestershire Charity. Bally also works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and is bilingual: speaks fluent Punjabi & Hindi

Bally currently splits her time between running a private practice, acting as Clinical Supervisor within a charity, working with babylon as a Counsellor, alongside being an Affiliate Counsellor with a number of Employment Assistance Programmers (EAP’s).

Bally has significant experience of working with individuals, adults, young people & couples. Her fundamental values as a therapist are to provide a safe, non-judgmental environment for clients, and to work in partnership with them to create lasting change.

In her free time Bally has an interest in outdoor running and has challenged herself with half marathons. She is enthusiastic about fitness and often walks or runs to work which helps her manage her work life balance. Bally also loves theatre.