Exercise in front of the TV

By Emily Grenfell

It's so important to stay healthy even if your life is hectic. But it is possible to fit exercise in while watching your favourite winter-time television. You can keep your fitness up, and your circulation going by doing these simple exercises.


Leg Lifts

- When sitting on your sofa, slowly raise your legs until they’re sticking out straight in front of you, then lower to the floor. Continue doing this for up to 5-10 minutes at a time, taking it in turns for each leg.


Tricep Push

- Sit on the floor with your knees bent in front of you. Place your arms behind you and lean backwards, resting your weight against them. Slowly bend your elbows backwards, and push up again to your original position. This is a tricep push and will effectively exercise the under-side of your arms while allowing you to face your TV and not miss a minute of your movie.



- Squats sound painful, but they’re very good exercise for your legs and glutes. They’re also essential training if you plan on doing any skiing this season. Do a set of ten every 20-30 minutes and you will definitely feel the difference.



- Fill two 1 litre bottles with water and use them as weights. You can do slow curls with these without moving from your comfy, snuggly position, and your arms will thank you.



- If you’re all about the toys, you could try sitting on an exercise ball instead of the sofa, or you can buy a wobble-board very cheaply. Both of these will work your core without you even noticing. If you have enough swing-room, buy a hula hoop, this will tone your abs while your work through your box-sets.



- Few people realise that stretching tones and strengthens your muscles. Get off the sofa and onto the floor, where you can gently push your muscles. Hold each stretch for ten seconds before releasing, and repeat. Don’t push yourself too far, there’s no need to damage yourself, simply hold a pose and allow yourself to get distracted by whatever you’re watching. Within a few minutes you won’t even know you’re doing it.