6 Signs You May Have Depression

Depression affects individuals in different ways, and you may not have all of the physical and psychological symptoms. It can also be hard to tell the difference between clinical depression and grief when you lose someone you love. Everyone experiences difficult times and feelings of low mood at some point in their life, but if it is prolonged and affecting your daily life you may need to get help. If you think yourself or someone you know may have depression, look out for these common signs.

1.    You lose interest

People who are depressed feel hopeless, and often lose interest in the things they used to enjoy. If you don’t feel like going out with friends or taking your weekly exercise class but don’t have a particular reason, you could be experiencing a period of depression. People who are depressed can also lose their motivation to do anything and neglect their hobbies.

2.    You have trouble sleeping

This is a physical symptom that may accompany the psychological symptoms of depression. If you have trouble falling asleep at night or wake up constantly, this could be a vital sign of the condition.

3.    You’re having work troubles

Many people who suffer from depression find that it affects their work life. It is very difficult to do well when you constantly feel sad, helpless and lack motivation. If your boss is on your back or you’re making regular mistakes, you should seek help if you haven’t already.

4.    You’re irritable

You find you have a shorter temper than normal, and everyone and everything gets on your nerves. You may become more aggressive, too, but can’t find the reasons why. Depression can make people very irritable and you usually take it out on the ones you love the most.

5.    Change in appetite and weight

Depression can cause a change in your appetite – it can be decreased or increased. This then also affects your weight, as a physical symptom of depression is losing or putting on weight.

6.    You have no energy

You may find that you have no energy to do normal tasks. You feel fatigued and drained, making everything harder to complete. This lack of energy can also lead to a lack of libido (your interest in sex).

As you can see, having just a few of these warning signs can start to make a negative impact on your social life, relationships and career. If you spot the symptoms don’t wait – make an appointment with an online medical consultation who can help identify depression and get you the help you need.