Most Depressing Day Of The Year?

The first thing you should know about Blue Monday is that it’s not real. It was invented by a holiday company in 2005 for marketing purposes, and has no basis in any scientific fact. The second thing you should know is that, real or not, if you approach Blue Monday with the idea that it’s going to be horrible it probably will be.


That being said there are many reasons why January can be particularly tough. For information on how best to approach your general Winter Blues, see what Dr. Ash Patel has to say on the subject: Dr. Ash Patel’s 8 ways to beat winter 


Because we know that January can be challenging for many, we have decided to make sessions with our experienced babylon Therapists free for a limited time. Our therapists are all highly qualified, and available to consult within days. Simply:


1)    Tap ‘Book a consultation’ from the babylon Home Screen


2)    Select ‘Therapist’


3)    Choose a time that suits you