Top Tips To Beat Holiday Blues

By Dr. Ruth Forgie and Emily Grenfell


Getting back from holiday to the real world can leave you feeling deflated. To give you the best new start it’s important to look after these key aspects of your life.


Jet lag, late nights and late mornings

Adjusting after your holiday often means that by day two in the office you feel like you need another one. The most important ingredient in being able to face your working day is sleep. Set a bedtime and time to rise that give you the hours you need to keep going. Also avoid sleeping more at the weekends as this gives you ‘social jet lag’ every Monday morning.

For more information, see our blog Dr. Raghoonanan’s top 8 sleep tips


Organise your next event

The worst thing about getting back from a big trip is looking at the endless weeks ahead before your next day off. Fight this by organising a small weekend event, outing, or get-together. This will give your mind something positive to look forward to.


Get your diet back on track

Holidays are a time to relax and enjoy the sights and flavours of a new location, but that does mean that our diets go out of the window. Relying on hotel breakfasts can also mean you’re not getting the fibre you’re used to. All of this can leave you feeling sluggish and bloated instead of energised and refreshed. Make sure you load up on fibre when you return and get straight back to your usual healthy eating regime. This will get your metabolism back in sync and help with your energy levels.


Get outside

This summer most people will have travelled to warmer climes and enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. Returning home to cloudy weather and indoor office jobs can cause post holiday blues. It is important to get outside and expose yourself to natural light and fresh air when you have the opportunity. Examples of this would be going for a walk outside during your coffee or lunch breaks. It is important to always apply sun protection to exposed areas during these times. Despite it feeling cooler, you can still be susceptible to harmful UV radiation. 


Beat the commute

Refreshing your music, writing a reading list, varying your route, eating a good breakfast, and daydreaming, are all great ways to beat the everyday blues. For more information see our blog how to beat the commuter blues.


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