Exercise And Personality

As much as we all love the benefits that we can gain from exercise, like weight loss, health benefits (physical and mental) and improving our physical appearance, we often find the process of getting there less desirable. 

However, we can help ourselves to stick to a physical activity if we choose the right one for us. The trick is to find exercise that fits our personality type a we all have different motivators and there’s not a one size fits all. So when your friend who goes to the gym 5 times a week and makes it look easy, rather than beating yourself up for feeling lazy, perhaps you just haven’t found the right exercise for your personality.

So when choosing the right exercise for you focus on the enjoyment rather than the outcomes and ask yourself questions like “what really motivates me?”, “how would I like to feel after exercise?”.

Are you a go-getter, highly motivated and like to push yourself? Do you like to feel exhausted and accomplished? If so you may find you thrive from doing high impact exercise, where you really push yourself like spinning or Crossfit, or you may enjoy competitive sports where you can get a sense of achievement from winning!

Are you a planner, highly organised and methodical? Do you like to feel like you can track your progress and make steady improvements? You may enjoy sticking to a set workout programme at the gym with structure and goals, perhaps have review sessions with a personal trainer.

Are you more relaxed, laid back, prefer to work at your pace and reflect? Do you want to feel a sense of personal satisfaction and contentment? You might prefer walking or running in nature,  yoga or tai chi. These exercises don’t involve competition or rigid structures and might appeal to your desire to spend time alone and be reflective.

Are you a social butterfly whose motivation comes through connecting with people? Do you like to feel energised and happy? If so you could thrive from group fitness and positive activities, such as dancing, aerobics or aerial arts.  

Whatever exercise you choose, consistency is the key to forming a new habit and especially for those with personalities that find sticking to things more difficult. Try to stick to your new routine for at least 6 weeks, which will help to form a habit, a FUN habit!

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