Health Checklist for Your Summer Holiday

Many families at this time of the year are planning their summer holiday, whether it’s a staycation camping trip in the UK or a faraway adventure. Wherever your destination, a family holiday requires careful planning and you need to prepare for all situations. There are always health risks when travelling, but by being prepared you can often deal with them effectively if they arise.

There’s nothing worse than being ill on your vacation, but usually with some medical advice and the right treatment most holiday illnesses are short term. The experts at Babylon Health have put together this very helpful checklist to help you keep the family well on your holiday.


This is the first thing you need to plan well in advance, if you are holidaying in a tropical location. Check your destination on the NHS website and see which vaccinations are recommended. You will then need to book a medical consultation for an appointment to have your vaccinations against things such as typhoid, hepatitis and cholera. A GP can also advise you about protecting yourself from malaria, and answer any other health related questions. Remember you can use Babylon Health to get your questions answered by a medical professional.

Sun protection

We all know the dangers of the sun, yet hundreds of people each year suffer from sunburn. Make sure you take more than enough sun cream, making sure it is a very high factor and waterproof – especially for use on the kids. Everyone should also have hats to cover up, a good pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes and a cooling after sun treatment to repair the skin if needed. While on holiday, you should also do your best to entice children into the shade during the midday sun. Go for lunch, play games indoors or put babies to sleep in the room.

Insect repellent

Even if you’re going to the British seaside or camping in the woods, you can still fall victim to biting and stinging insects as much as going abroad. Be sure to pack a reliable repellent as well as topical creams for when someone does get bit.

First aid kit

It’s good to be prepared, and it’s more than likely that someone will need a little helping hand from a first aid kit at some point during the holiday. Basic plasters, bandages and antiseptic wipes can quickly clean up any minor injuries.

Selection of tablets and medicines

Time spent on holiday is precious, which is why if you become ill you want the symptoms to stop straight away. With this in mind, pack some tablets for every illness, including paracetamol and diarrhoea relief. If you are visiting another country, it is likely that at least one member of the family will suffer from a stomach bug or illness. If you’re going on a boat or travelling for a long time on a coach or in a car, you should also pack travel sickness tablets.

Happy holidaying! Take control of your health with your own Online Doctor App.