Online Healthcare Service: Reasons to Use One

Thanks to the wonders of technology, the way you see a doctor is changing. With the online healthcare revolution, patients have the option of shunning the traditional doctor’s waiting room and getting a diagnosis in their own living room. Online medical services such as Babylon give you a mobile doctor in your pocket to answer any health questions or worries you may have, 24/7.

For some people, having access to a virtual doctor can really improve quality of life. Here are some of the top reasons for using an online healthcare service.

1.    Fast and convenient

How many times have you heard the story of competing for appointments? At many surgeries, patients have to call up early in the morning for get a doctor’s appointment if they are feeling unwell. This leads to long queues on the phones and outside surgeries, and for busy working people it is incredibly frustrating.

Using an app for a consultation with a doctor is quick and convenient. You can connect in the comfort of your home or even on the go at work. You won’t be left waiting for long periods of time and it’s convenient to fit in with your lifestyle.

2.    Avoid the waiting room

Many people dread the doctor’s waiting room. It isn’t the most cheerful of places, but it is also full of sick people – which can increase your chances of becoming ill. With an online consultation, you can avoid the waiting room altogether. This is especially helpful for vulnerable people such as young children and the elderly.

3.    Quick prescriptions

Sometimes you recognise your illness and know straight away what medication you need. But you still need the prescription to be signed off by a doctor, meaning you’ll have to book an appointment and visit the surgery in person. Not anymore! Book a quick consultation with a virtual doctor and after discussing your symptoms, they will be able to sign off your prescription.

4.     Helpful for those with low mobility

Some patients struggle to get to the surgery, whether it’s because of their health problems or because they are elderly. Access to online healthcare is a great idea for these individuals, so they can speak to a professional about their health concerns without having to leave the house, or even their bed.

5.    Flexibility

A health app such as Babylon offers greater flexibility than many NHS and private surgeries. Speak to a doctor when you need to, not when they have an available appointment. You can get on with your life, knowing you won’t need to take any unnecessary time off work to see the doctor or take your child out of school. Virtual doctors work around you.

Want to reap the benefits of an online healthcare system and find out what it’s all about? Sign up to Babylon – you won’t look back.