Top Causes To Spend Christmas In A&E

This does not include food poisoning, which is one of the most common causes. If you’re unsure of the best way to cook your turkey, have a read of our blog: Revenge of the Turkey? Here’s how to successfully kill it twice


1.     Indigestion is very common during the festive season. The key is; don’t over-do it. The festivities will last for days, so it’s important to pace yourself. Learn to say ‘no’ to relatives who would rather see you over-full than comfortable.


2.     Gut and bowel problems – changing your diet from healthy cereals to French toast, eggs, and pancakes through the festive season, can play havoc with your gut. Always make sure you get enough fibre and maintain a healthy balance of meat and vegetables throughout. If you have food allergies and intolerances, don’t eat the things you know are bad for you. Saying ‘no’ and being present is better than saying ‘yes’ and having to go to hospital.


3.     Alcohol poisoning – during the festive season more than 70% of A&E visits are due to alcohol related issues. You’ll probably be drinking things you’re not used to, so make sure you regulate and drink plenty of water, as new drinks will affect you differently.


4.     A lot of A&E visits are due to injuries picked up during drunken fights that turned physical. Know your limits and make sure you’re able to remove yourself from the situation if need be – even if it’s to hide from someone who keeps topping-up your drink!

5.     Make sure you get home safely - Take a coat out with you, even if it means paying for a cloakroom. You never know what complications will arise when travelling home. A lot of A&E admissions are due to people falling asleep outside while intoxicated and getting hypothermia, so always set aside enough money for a taxi.


6.     Road accidents – if you’ve been drinking the night before, always be aware of how much alcohol may still be in your system in the morning. It takes approximately an hour for your body to process 1 unit of alcohol. You should allow 3 hours for your liver to process every 250ml glass of wine you drink. If you’re drinking spirits you should allow 1 hour for every measure. A pint of lager amounts to 2 units and stronger strength ale amounts to 3.
This means that if you drink two glasses of wine and have two spirit mixers, you will need to allow yourself 8 hours before your body has adequately processed the alcohol.

7.     On Christmas morning mess and excitement go hand in hand. What also happens is delicate Christmas decorations get knocked from the tree and trodden on causing injury to bare feet. To minimise the chances of this, always put rubbish in a dedicated place so the floor remains as clear as possible.


8.     Busy households and giant roasted birds can lead to nasty accidents. Always wear heat-proof oven-gloves, angle saucepan handles away from the edge of the stove, and if you can, close the kitchen door to stop through-traffic while you’re lifting the most heavy pieces in and out of the oven. There’s nothing wrong with asking family members to clear the kitchen at critical moments if it gives you a safer space to work in.


9.     Candles – there are a lot of fire-hazards during the festive season, including a lot of open flames. Where possible, replace regular tea-lights with electronic alternatives. These are very effective, and last for hours.



10. A lot of children are brought to A&E every year due to easily avoidable accidents. Always ensure your tree is securely tied back to the wall, and avoid putting small decorations that can be swallowed, on the lower branches. To avoid all confusion, don’t hang edible treats on the tree at all, because small children are often unable to tell the difference.