New year: the pain and the gain

Every New Year comes with a promise; you can make positive changes that will impact your life and the lives of those around you. The truth is only 8% of us achieve our new years resolutions. The reason for this is simple, when we ask ourselves what we want to achieve in the New Year, we focus on the finish line and not on the road. To be successful in attaining happiness for ourselves and for others we must first admit that every step along the way will be challenging.


The top New Years resolutions of 2016 have been announced and many of them are health related. Now it’s time to ask yourself the questions that will determine whether or not you will achieve your goals.


Lose weight and get fit

Are you prepared to eat less and exercise more? Eating healthily can be delicious and exercise can be fun, but the truth is fatty snacks are also delicious and fun can be had watching Netflix. So are you prepared to feel the burn, to say no to TV, and to not eat the cake even when you’re hungry? Losing weight and getting fit for good involves determination and grit far more than it involves fun and delicious food, so reset your mind now and face the challenge.


Quit smoking

There is every reason why you should do this. To achieve this goal you need to know that it will be hard, and that every time you say ‘no’ will be a battle won. Your health is worth it, so grit your teeth and concentrate on a smoke-free today. If you do this your smoke-free tomorrows are assured.


Learn something new

Most people aim to learn a new language or do a course. The benefits of doing this include expanding your social circle, increasing job opportunities, improving your communication skills, and helping to guard against alzheimer’s. What it will also involve is not getting home until late when you would rather be in bed with a book. It means homework, and it probably means exams. If you can get enthusiastic about the idea of the work as well as the idea of the achievement, you’re already there.


Eat healthier and diet

This is easy now, you’re fresh from a holiday where feeling nauseous from chocolate is normal from 11am onwards. What about in a few weeks when you’re at work and the snacks come around? A healthier diet will improve your health, your skin, and your energy levels. Losing excess weight will improve your life expectancy and overall health well into old age. So arm yourself against temptation with the knowledge that you will feel tempted. Only by admitting it can you hope to succeed.


Be less stressed

This is an interesting goal because the solution relies completely on what stress factors affect your life. So many elements of our lives cause us stress and many of them are related to not being in control. To re-take control you must figure out what you can do, make a plan and follow it. Perhaps it will involve changing your career, perhaps it will involve seeking advise from a counselor, whatever the remedy be ready for some uncomfortable shifts.

We all want to achieve health and happiness, but only those who want to achieve the pain and the set-backs that come along with it are likely to succeed. Don’t think about the finish line, think about the cramps you’ll get along the way, if you’re still up for it then you know you’ll achieve.

By Emily Grenfell