Top Healthiest Habits this Season

The summer is finally here, and as well as being a great time for holidays and partying, it’s even better for making healthy commitments. We’re motivated to eat more fruit and salads, and the gorgeous weather inspires us to get outdoors – hopefully! To keep yourself fit and healthy this season, there are a number of ‘healthy habits’ you can add to your lifestyle. Here are some really easy ways you can boost your health.

Drink lots of water

Everyone should be aiming for two litres a day, or eight glasses, all year round. However when it gets hotter in summer, we need to be drinking even more to prevent dehydration. To make it more interesting, why not infuse your water with some fruity goodness? Use seasonal fruits such as strawberries or the citrus tang of lemons and limes to make your water more drinkable.

Start your day with a workout

Many of us prefer to exercise in the morning, but others simply can’t get out of bed an hour earlier! With lighter mornings, summer is the perfect time to squeeze in an early workout. Just a short run, swim or yoga session can kick-start your metabolism and make you feel ready for the day ahead. It’s also much better to exercise in the morning while it’s cooler, rather than in the afternoon or evening when you’re warm and tired.

End the day with yoga

If you’re having trouble sleeping, especially in the heat, then yoga is a great way to relax the mind and the body before bedtime. You don’t have to commit to an hour long class, you can just do some poses at home before you go to bed. A few sun salutations and then poses such as Savasana and the Vipariti Karani (legs up the wall) will have you in a deep sleep in no time.

Always wear sunscreen

Skin experts tell us to wear SPF on our faces every single day of the year to prevent the onset of ageing from the sun’s damaging rays. Of course, during the summer, we have more to worry about such as sunburn and the chances of developing cancer. While sunshine is great for producing vitamin D, it isn’t great for our skin. That’s why you should make it a habit every morning to put sun cream on your face and body before leaving the house. Look for a moisturiser with a SPF to make it easier.

Introduce these habits and you’ll have a wonderful, healthy summer!

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