Who won the Check Challenge?


As you may have heard, our brand new artificially intelligent Check a Symptom feature allows you to check symptoms instantly and get accurate advice within seconds.


So, on June 7th, we put Check a Symptom up against one of Britain’s most senior A&E nurses and an Oxford-educated Junior Doctor – to test whether babylon’s Check a Symptom could assess a patient’s symptoms as accurately and as fast as our real life experts.

Our patient for the day was independent primary care expert Professor Irwin Nazareth, the Doctor was Dr. Keziah Austin and the Senior Nurse was Cheryl Meineke.


Following an introduction by babylon CEO Dr. Ali Parsa, and our Global Medical Director Dr. Mobasher Butt, the challenge kicked off with a spin of our Symptom Spinner to randomly determine where on the body our patient’s ‘symptoms’ would be.


Prf. Nazareth then described a set of symptoms to both the human and the machine.


The outcome was revealed. Check a Symptom was indeed as accurate as both the Doctor and A&E nurse!


In each case, ‘Check a Symptom’ reached the same end conclusion, but the icing on the cake was that it did so in a shorter time.


This challenge was a live demonstration of an extensive set of tests published in an academic research paper, that proved ‘Check a Symptom’ to be safe in 100% of cases, and accurate in 90.2% of cases (10% more accurate than a doctor and 15% more accurate than a nurse) and performed faster 87% of the time.


We gathered together one of the largest collections of scientists, engineers and clinicians to develop this groundbreaking technology as part of our aim to deliver accessible and affordable healthcare to everyone.


Not bad for a free app.