Check a Symptom will tell you what to do, where to go and how to manage your symptoms. It will also tell you more about your symptoms and what might have caused them.

• Confidently Check a Symptom without the need to make and get to a doctor’s appointment:  we’ve carried out extensive testing with experienced nurses and doctors – where 99% of the time it has given the same result – but in less time.

• Find out what might be wrong and get advice on what to do next.

• It’s available at any time, whenever you need it – at home, at work, on holiday abroad; all day, every day.

• It's free to use – download babylon, register, and use Check a symptom as often as you like - for free! Doctors appointments can be booked for the cost of a monthly subscription or for a one of fee of £25/€25.

• It’s been designed and created by some of the best doctors in the UK; but the artificially intelligent tool is able to process hundreds of millions of symptom combinations faster and more consistently than a human brain.


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