Dr. Elise Dallas


Elise's interests are particularly in Maternal and Child Health and Family Planning. This area attracted her from the start of her career –writing her thesis on ‘Nature vs. Nurture debate’ in my first degree, right through becoming a general practitioner with a Diploma and Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Diploma of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare.

Dr. Dallas is also interested in improving health systems in developing countries, spending her elective in Papua New Guinea doing Obstetrics and Gynaecology with Paediatrics and completing the Humanity First Disaster Response Course. More recently, she spent 4 months in Nepal voluntarily setting up health clinics, educating woman on their health issues and working in the Bhutanese Refugee Camp.

In the future, she will be accompanying her husband on a 6 month fellowship to Cape Town at the end of this year, so no doubt this will offer more opportunities for her interests.

Current Positions - Principal Partner of Gables Surgery in Dagenham. Salaried GP, Family Planning Lead & Child Protection Lead at Victoria Medical Centre.

Dr. Dallas has written an article for Red Magazine on ‘What you would like to ask your GP’ and been the paediatric researcher for BBC production of ‘Child of Our Time’ presented by Robert Winston –a series that is following 20 children born in the millennium through to adulthood discussing the nature vs nurture debate Completely non-medical.

She has climbed Everest Base Camp and the following year, climbed Annapurna.

Dr. Dallas has always wanted to be a doctor, despite being the first in her family but was always torn between the science and the arts. She's a keen photographer and travels as much as possible, enjoys films, exploring markets, making cards and photobooks and hopes that one day her imagination can be utilised in other ways in her medical career – hence becoming involved in a young, new company. Now she has a toddler called Max and likes nothing more than to take him on adventures with her husband and spend time with family and friends.