Dr. Sherina Fernandes

Dr Fernandes has worked as a partner in Farnborough, a salaried GP in Guildford, a locum doctor, and an out of hours doctor so has experience of different shades of general practice. She has also worked in diverse areas ranging from drug and alcohol clinics to a student health centre. Sherina has turned around Palliative care at her Farnborough surgery which was non existent initially when she joined, into a subject that became more important to everyone with monthly meetings with GPs, nurse, district nurses, macmillan nurses and a palliative care consultant from the local hospice. She is a strong believer in a holistic approach to health and believes diet and lifestyle as well as stress control have a big impact on our health. Sherina exercises regularly and has completed a half marathon. She is an animal lover and owns three house rabbits and volunteers  at a rabbit rescue.