Book a consultation

Here's everything you need to know about the 'Book a consultation' feature of the app. If you think we've left anything out, please get in touch by emailing


Q. How do I book a consultation?

A. Select 'Book a consultation' from the home screen > select the type of consultation you would like to have (you can choose between GP, Specialist, or Therapist) > decide when you would like to speak to a doctor (you will be given the closest time available) > and choose between a video or regular phone consultation.

You can add optional notes to your consultation booking. This is useful if you would like your GP to know more about your condition before your appointment begins. 

When you're ready, tap on the green tick.


Q. What will happen before my appointment?

A. You will receive a push notification reminding you about your appointment five minutes before it is due to start. If you haven't already, go to the Settings on your phone now and enable push notifications for babylon. 


Q. How does the consultation start?

A. Your consultation will start much like a phone call, you don't have to be in the app and you don't have to be looking at your phone beforehand. 


Q. What happens if my video stops working halfway through my consultation?

A. This can happen for a number of reasons, but it's most often caused by a drop in your WiFi connection. Your connection can be excellent and still experience fluctuations. Don't worry, your babylon GP will call you straight away and your appointment will continue as a phone call. 


Q. What if I want my regular GP to know about my babylon consultation?

A. After you book your appointment you can choose to have a summary of your babylon consultation sent to your regular GP. You can enter your GP's details in the 'Clinical records' feature. You can also replay a recording of your babylon consultation at any time by opening your 'Clinical records' > tapping on Appointments > selecting Previous > and replaying the consultation you wish to revisit. This is useful for your own personal use, but it also provides complete transparency because there's nothing stopping you from taking that recording and showing it to your regular GP in full.


Q. Can I cancel my appointment?

A.  Yes. The only way to do this is by using the app. Select 'Clinical records' from the Home Screen, tap on Appointments, select the upcoming appointment you wish to cancel and tap Cancel. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation.


Q. Will I be charged for cancelling my appointment? 

A. If you are a Pay-as-you-go member, you can cancel appointments up to two hours before your consultation without any further charge. If you book a consultation by mistake, you have five minutes after booking to cancel the appointment before you are charged. 

If you have subscribed, there will be no additional charge for GP appointments or cancellations.  


Q. I had connection issues and missed my consultation, will I be refunded?

A. No. You need to ensure that at the time of your consultation you have a good WiFi or mobile internet connection.


Q. I missed my appointment, what do I do?

A. The easiest way to speak with a doctor is to book another consultation using the app. If you think you're having technical difficulties or connection issues please ensure you have good WiFi or mobile internet connection before the time of your appointment. If you continue to experience issues please email and a member of our operations team will be in contact as quickly as possible.  


Q. Can I see a consultant at babylon face to face in person?

A. No all of our consultations are held virtually. If a physical examination is required then the GP or specialist will request that you have further tests externally.


Q. Can I request to have the same consultant each time?

A. Unfortunately not. The GP available will depend on the day and time requested. The GP you book a consultation with will, however, be able to refer to your previous appointment notes.


Q. Can I choose a female or male GP?

A. We do not currently have the option to choose a female or male GP in the app. Please contact us at if this is an issue and our clinical support team will assist you.