Here's everything you need to know about referrals through babylon. If you think we're missing anything, please contact our support team at


Q. Can babylon GPs provide referrals?

A. babylon GP’s can provide specialist, diagnostic and pathology referrals. The referral can then be taken to any private specialist or private clinic/ hospital for further examination and treatment. In some instances it may be suitable for you to speak with a babylon specialist via a video consultation, in which case the support team can organise this for you within a few working days.


Q. How do babylon referrals work?

A. After your consultation you will receive a referral letter sent to your email address. You can then use this to organise your tests, or appointments at any private clinic, hospital or practice. If you wish you can book a follow up consultation to discuss your results with a babylon GP.


Q. Can I take my babylon referral to an NHS specialist?

A. babylon is a private service so you won’t be able to see an NHS specialist. We can refer you back your GP who can then refer you on should you wish do progress via the NHS.


Q. How will I receive my results?

A. babylon will receive the results and then analyse these before informing you of the outcome. If you have had a specialist referral after we have received the results, we will upload these into your previous appointment. If we think it is necessary we will contact you to book a follow up consultation. Your pathology test results will be analyse by our clinical team before sending you a notification informing you that your results were normal or we would suggest a follow up consultation. These results will also pre populate in the monitor section of the app.