Machine Outperforms Clinicians in triaging patients in a World First

7th June 2016, London: At 8.30am digital health innovator babylon put the latest artificial intelligence innovation in healthcare, their app's new feature ‘Check a Symptom’ to the ultimate test.

 One of the UK’s most senior Primary Care Academic leaders, Professors Irwin Nazareth, the former head of primary care and population health at UCLH, and the current chair of the Health Education England and NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Doctorial Research Committee, examined real life patient scenarios with one of Britain's most senior A&E nurses, an Oxford-educated Junior Doctor and babylon's ‘Check’ feature to see who provided the most accurate and fastest triage assessment live in front of the UK’s top consumer, health and technology media. 

The results proved that this artificial intelligence innovation could transform the way people triage their health conditions as ‘Check’ not only came to the same accurate assessment but did so at no cost and faster than both the nurse and junior doctor. This was a live demonstration of an extensive set of tests published today in an academic research paper, that proved babylon's ‘Check ’feature to be safe in 100% of cases, and accurate in 92% of cases (10% more accurate than a doctor and 15% more accurate than a nurse) and performing faster 87% of the time.

babylon's new feature allows you to check symptoms instantly, and get the most appropriate advice on the course of action. The company gathered one of the largest collection of scientists, engineers and clinicians to develop their ground breaking technology. Their ultimate aim is to help solve the universal problem of how to deliver affordable and accessible healthcare.

Written and examined by tens of doctors, ‘Check’ deploys artificial intelligence that embeds conditional logic imitating human diagnostic thinking. It dynamically risk assesses billions of combinations of symptoms to recommend the most appropriate course of action. 

At a time when clinical resources globally are being stretched to the limit, babylon’s new technology is designed to alleviate pressure on healthcare systems by reassuring patients of the right course of action, minimising unnecessary appointments and decreasing waiting times.  "Check a Symptom" is now the most popular feature on the babylon app having been used around 20,000 times in just three weeks since its soft launch, 10,000 of which occurred outside normal working hours.

Dr. Ali Parsa, founder and CEO of babylon said; “babylon was created to make healthcare more affordable and accessible to all by combining the best in medicine with cutting edge technology. Using the exponentially growing computational power of machines and artificial intelligence to help clinicians extend their capability and reach the mobile devices most people already have, is the critical next step to make healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone on earth".