Bupa UK partners with babylon to provide smartphone healthcare for busy workers

  • Benefits of a healthy workforce increasingly apparent with almost two thirds (60%) of workers saying they would be more productive if they felt happy and well at work.
  • Over half (58%) of UK workers say they would think about their health more if their employer provided them with digital technology to do so.
  • Bupa UK partners with babylon to provide digital healthcare services on the smartphone for busy workers.

 Research shows that almost two thirds (60%) of workers believe they would be more productive if they felt happy and well in the workplace. In addition, over half (58%) say that digital technology would help them keep their health and wellbeing top of mind during the working day.

 To meet this demand Bupa UK has partnered with babylon to provide virtual healthcare services for busy workers. Accessed through an app on a smartphone or tablet device, babylon enables employees to:

·       have a face to face video consultation with a GP- speak directly with them  over video link, phone, or text message, bookable in seconds, available within the hour

·       Text medical questions or photos for quick advice

·       organise referrals to see a specialist, and

·       manage medical notes and prescription deliveries.

·       proactively monitor their health and understand their body better

 Patrick Watt, Corporate Director, Bupa UK said: "We know that health and wellbeing is high up on business’ agendas, particularly because a healthy workforce is crucial to a successful business. But we also recognise that people’s healthcare needs and expectations are changing - they increasingly want fast and easy access to healthcare products and services and welcome digital innovations that support this. That’s why we are focused on delivering new innovative online and digital services like babylon, helping businesses put access to quick and easy healthcare into the pocket of every employee.

“Our new partnership with babylon is just one of many examples of how we will be investing in online and digital services to meet people’s demand for fast and easy access to healthcare.”

The research shines a light on the increasing demand for virtual healthcare services, with over half of people saying they want to be able to book healthcare through an app, with 31% saying they would make use of virtual healthcare appointments if these were available. It also found that four in five workers (85%) feel their employer has a responsibility to look after their health and wellbeing. babylon allows businesses to engage with all their employees on their health and not just those covered by health insurance – helping to improve the health and wellbeing of their entire workforce.

 Ali Parsa, founder of Babylon said: “Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives from our shopping to socialising, and is about to make a massive impact on healthcare for people everywhere. Digital health will offer us a profoundly simpler, better, and more affordable experience. BUPA is a great partner that is serious about innovation in healthcare. Combining our reach means that the UK is now the first country in the world where the overwhelming majority of its corporate employees can chose to receive most of the healthcare they need from the convenience of their mobile devices anywhere, anytime.”

Bupa’s customer Citi will be rolling out the new innovation to their workforce, with the hope that it will further improve health and wellbeing in their workplace.

 In addition to booking and managing appointments, Babylon users can also monitor their health with an extensive dashboard of health analytics, all of which can be shared with GP or consultants. With access to medical notes and recordings of consultations for playback, people can even share previous consultations with their doctor. Furthermore, if a consultation with a specialist or diagnostic test is needed, Babylon can provide a referral.

 Earlier this year Bupa launched Bupa Boost, which is designed to support businesses in improving the health and wellbeing of their workforces. Babylon is the latest innovation that Bupa have adopted to help address the changing healthcare needs of people across the UK.