1.1 The purpose of the Monitor Your Health part of the App is to display data resulting from clinical investigation, other clinical data and other fitness and wellness related data regarding you.

1.2 Data may be inputted into Monitor Your Health: (i) manually by the User, (ii) through third party devices or data streams which connect with the App, and (iii) via data received from or inputted via other parts of the App, for example as a result of undertaking a test, prescription or a consultation. Please note that Monitor Your Health provides for the display of data only, is limited to the receipt of data from the above sources, does not provide diagnostic or other advice or recommendations and does not provide a complete or up to date record of your health at any given time.

1.3  It is your responsibility to update the data stored in Monitor Your Health and to ensure that it is current and up to date. The Company does not accept any responsibility to update or monitor the data in any User’s account nor does it accept responsibility for ensuring that all activity through the App is logged in Monitor Your Health.

1.4  Monitor Your Health may make use of data feeds from third party providers, including third party providers to which you provide access. You acknowledge and agree that available data feeds may vary from time to time, that the Company makes no guarantee that any particular data feed will be available or available at a particular time, that data feeds may require your authorisation in order to be accessible to you via the App, that the Company will have access to and may store data feeds and data to which you authorise access.

1.5 Monitor Your Health is not a medical device nor should it be used for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. It is intended as an information aid only. Blood tests should always be monitored alongside medical advice. The result zones (green, amber, red) may not be appropriate if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Calculations may not provide accurate information for every individual. If any readings are of concern, please contact a doctor.

1.6 Monitor Your Health may display certain information relating to a user derived from data stored for that user (for example, body mass index) and recognised guidelines. You should note however that any such display or information provided is based on generic data and assumptions and is not designed to be and may not be used for personalised advice regarding any particular User or any particular User’s circumstances. It should therefore be treated as a general guide and is not a substitute for personal medical advice or diagnosis. It will in addition be based on a number of assumptions that may or may not be accurate or applicable to any particular User. No responsibility is taken for any action or omission that a User may take based on in connection with or in reliance upon any information shown in Monitor Your Health.

1.7  The Company reserves the right to delete any Monitor Your Health account or data display at any time without liability to the User.