-      MedAire Limited (MedAire) is a third party provider, independent of babylon Healthcare Services.

-      MedAire nurses and call centre handlers are independent of babylon healthcare services and therefore cannot guarantee in relation to, and is not responsible for the qualification of any practitioners or the suitability of any practitioner.

-       babylon healthcare service is responsible for the provision of the web and mobile platform to MedAire and manages the following features:

o   Ask a question

o   Check a symptom

o   Book a consultation

o   Clinical Records

babylon’s normal terms and conditions apply to features stated above.

-       As an MedAire client, you consent to enabling MedAire to book an appointment on your behalf and to share your clinical records pertaining to your engagement with babylon with MedAire.

-       As an MedAire client, you are under no obligation to use the babylon healthcare service.