Medication Delivery

Here is everything you need to know about medication delivery through babylon. If you think we've missed anything, please email us at


Q. How do I pay for my pay for my prescription via medication delivery? 

A. After selecting your preferred medication delivery option you will receive a call from our partner pharmacy provider within the hour to take payment over the phone and to confirm your delivery address.


Q. Can I have my private prescription delivered directly to me?

A. Yes. When your prescription has been processed by the babylon team you will receive a notification inviting you to choose your preferred option. Delivery options include:

1) Private prescription sent to your preferred pharmacy, where you can collect your medication within the hour. 

2) Direct signed-for delivery of your medication to your preferred address. For this you can choose same day delivery, or next day delivery. 


Q. Why can’t I have my prescription sent to a pharmacy? 

A. As you have been prescribed a controlled medication, we must comply with the pharmaceutical regulations and post the original hard copy prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice.


Q. How much will it cost me to have my medication delivered? 

A. If your address is located within the M25 then you classify for same day signed-for delivery. Prices for same day delivery change depending on the Zone. For example Zone 1 starts at £4,50 and delivery to Zone 6 can go up to £35. If your address is outside of the M25 then you classify for next day signed-for delivery. This will cost £4.75 plus a minimum prescription cost of £10.


Q. Is there a time limit in place for selecting my preferred delivery method? 

A. If you live within the M25 and would like same-day delivery, you must select this option before 3.30pm. After this time you will only be offered next day delivery. If you would like your medication delivered to you for the next day, the cut off time is 4pm. Orders placed after 4pm count as orders placed during the next working day, and your medication will therefore be delivered the following day.


Q. Will my prescription expire? 

A. Yes. After 4 weeks you will receive a notification reminding you to decide where you would like your private prescription sent. You can choose to have your medication sent directly to your home address via our medication delivery service, or to collect it from a pharmacy of your choice. If you decide that you would like your private prescription after the 4 week point, we ask that you book a consultation to speak with a GP who can prescribe you your medication again.


Can I send my prescription anywhere other then my home address? 

Yes you can have it sent to you wherever you are, as long as you will be there for the day and as long as you will be there to sign for it when it arrives. The same delivery rules apply inside or outside the M25.