Your kidneys filter your blood, making sure what’s useful is re-used, and what’s not is excreted. If your kidneys aren’t working properly you can suffer from swollen ankles or hands (from water retention), insomnia, muscle cramps, and more.


Your liver works hard clearing toxins, controlling cholesterol levels, and helping to thicken your blood. If yours isn’t working properly you may experience side-effects like abdominal pain and tiredness that can be mistaken for something else, so it’s a good idea to test yourself.

Sugar & Hormones

Your sugar and hormone levels hold the key to how much insulin your pancreas is creating, and whether your thyroid is functioning as it should be. If your levels are abnormal you can experience fluctuating weight, problems with your vision, mood changes, and more.


Your blood keeps you going by carrying oxygen and nutrients around your body. If your blood counts are off-balance you could have an auto-immune or bone marrow disorder. It could also mean that you’re simply dehydrated. Make sure you know which it is.