1.1  Certain Practitioners are employed by the Company and other Practitioners are independent third parties.  The Company has taken reasonable steps to verify the identity of Practitioners against their regulatory body’s database of members and in the normal course of events will use reasonable efforts to verify certain background information about a Practitioner.  

1.2 Consultations are subject to Practitioner availability. When you place an order for a consultation with a Practitioner, the Company shall use reasonable efforts to offer a consultation within a reasonable period of time, but the Company does not guarantee to offer a consultation within a particular time frame.

1.3 By using a text, audio and/or video consultation, you consent to the use of a remote service.

1.4 You acknowledge that while the Company takes all reasonable precautions, due to the nature of electronic communications the security of a remote interaction cannot be guaranteed.

1.5 You understand and agree that consultations with GPs and Nurses may be limited to 10 minutes in duration and that consultations with Specialist may be limited to 20 minutes in duration.

1.6  Advice, information or other communications given or made remotely by audio or video are by their nature limited relative to a face-to-face consultation.  A non-face to face consultation may therefore not be sufficient in certain circumstances and Users should be aware of, and by using the Company’s App and any other facility are deemed to have accepted, those limitations. In particular, a non-face to face consultation is unlikely to be appropriate or sufficient in circumstances of: (i) emergency, (ii) urgency, (iii) where a physical examination is likely to be required, (iv) where physical intervention is likely to be required, or (v) where the problem, issue or information required is not suited to remote communication.

1.7 It is the responsibility of the User to evaluate whether any advice received via the Services is suitable or sufficient for the User’s needs, to what extent the User should rely upon it and whether the User should seek the assistance of their GP, other medical practitioner or emergency services.

1.8 If, following use of the App, you are in any doubt, or have any concerns regarding any information or advice you have received or failed to receive via the Services, or regarding your health, wellbeing or any conditions, you agree to seek further medical opinion from a registered GP or suitable healthcare professional not affiliated with the Services and/or shall utilise the emergency services as applicable.

1.9 You acknowledge and agree that when using the Company’s “Ask A Question” (also known as “Ask”) Service, which may from time to time enable you to send a textual question to a Practitioner:

(i) the Company makes no guarantee, warranty or undertaking regarding the timeframe within which you should expect to receive a reply, if at all;

(ii) any replies are for general informational purposes only; replies are not intended and may not be treated as personalised health advice for the User; and (iii) follow-up questions from the User may not receive a reply.



A User may separately agree terms and conditions with a Practitioner in relation to the Terms upon which that Practitioner is willing to provide services to the User.  If that is the case, such agreement shall not affect these terms to the extent they apply to the relationship between the User and the Company.


3.1 Each of our Practitioners who is a GP has committed:

(a) to provide a professional and transparent service that complies with (i) the General Medical Council Guidelines on remote prescribing, essential standards of quality and safety as interpreted by the Care Quality Commission and clinical best practice in the UK; or (ii) the Medical Council Guide to Professional Conduct and Ethics for Registered Medical Practitioners, Seventh Edition 2009, and clinical best practice in Ireland;

(b) to volunteer where requested their name and General Medical Council / Irish Medical Council professional registration number when prescribing medicines and communicating with patients;

(c) to prescribe medicines only when in their professional judgment it is in the patient's best interests to receive the medicine being requested and, accordingly, to refuse to prescribe medicines when they believe it is not in the patient's best interests to receive medicines without the benefit of a face to face consultation; and

(d) to take all reasonable steps to protect patients' personal information.