Dr Shahzad Arif


Shahzad is a part-time GP running his own practice in South Yorkshire for the past eleven and a half years. He fervently believes in holistic medicine and specialises in issues that are a priority for his practice population. He has worked in many different areas and finds work exciting as everyone he treats is an individual in their own right. Currently Shahzad is qualified to work with substance misuse and prisons. He also believes in empowering his patients and providing them with evidenced based advice that is up to date and current.  

Shahzad has always been fascinated by TeleHealth as it provides another dimension to treating illness and disease. More importantly, it makes healthcare provision more readily accessible without the added stress of long waiting times. In his spare time, Shahzad loves the outdoors and is besotted with the Peak District. He has a boisterous ten year old who similarly enjoys the outdoors. If he gets any spare time, he enjoys art and drawing. He enjoys playing the piano and loves visiting London now and again, to visit the Royal Opera House, Natural History Museum or the British Museum.