Meet babylon, A Personal Doctor In Your Pocket

Meet babylon, A Personal Doctor In Your Pocket

If you need proof that the future of healthcare has arrived then look no further than Babylon, a medical app that allows people to be treated by a hybrid of artificial intelligence and humans. Created by Iranian entrepreneur Ali Parsa in 2014, Babylon checks billions of variations of symptoms through a refined AI technology.  

Could This App Replace Your Doctor?

Ali Parsa’s ambitions are about as big as they come: he wants to “give affordable health care services to every human being on Earth.” His invention, Babylon, is a cellphone-based health care platform that monitors users’ health and connects them with doctors. It also incorporates health data monitoring, from pulse and blood pressure to liver function, using a combination of in-phone features and at-home test kits. 

The Real Innovation Awards 2016 shortlists

Innovation is the lifeblood of our economy. And real innovation takes grit, perseverance and a little bit of luck. In recognition of that, MT has teamed up with London Business School’s Deloitte Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to celebrate the companies and people that are truly disrupting their markets. Today we can announce the shortlists for the Real Innovation Awards 2016.

Would You Invest In A Digital Doctor?

So far, we are only beginning to see AI, robotics and Care Anywhere as a means of accessing healthcare. As each of these three areas develop, and more importantly as each combines and integrates, as in the case of Babylon Health, the potential for change and the impact it will have on the role of clinicians is staggering.

Artificial Intelligence Will Redesign Healthcare

Artificial intelligence has an unimaginable potential. Within the next couple of years, it will revolutionize every area of our life, including medicine. I am fully convinced that it will redesign healthcare completely – and for the better. Let’s take a look at the promising solutions it offers.

10 UK firms make it onto WIRED Europe's 100 hottest startups list


A number of London-based tech firms have made it into the WIRED ‘Europe’s 100 hottest startups’ magazine supplement. Running annually since 2011, the list is a collection of startups considered ‘hot’ by Europe’s investors. This year, 10 London-based startups made it onto the list.

How to Move to Another Country When You Have a Mental Illness

Babylon, which costs £39 per session, allows access to English-speaking therapists via a website or downloadable app. "Giving people access to digital therapy addresses several of the key barriers many face when trying to access treatment," said Rebecca Minton, therapy lead at the service. Patients can undertake consultations over the phone or online, removing the need for location-bound services.

GP practices outsource telephone consultations to private provider

GP practices in Essex have cut waiting times by a third by subcontracting telephone consultations to a private healthcare provider, Pulse has learned. According to one practice, the move has led to reduced waiting times for GP appointments within the surgery from three to two weeks over the past year.