NHS Terms and Conditions


•  As an NHS patient the babylon service will be provided at no charge to you so long as you remain registered with the GP practices specified:

Highlands Surgery, 1643 London Road, Southend-on-Sea, Leigh-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea, SS9 2SQ           

Eastwood Group Practice Branches:            

Rayleigh Road Eastwood Branch, 348 Rayleigh Road, Eastwood, Essex, SS9 5PU          

Kent Elms Branch,1 Rayleigh Road, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 5UU        

Belfairs Branch, 335 Eastwood Road North, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, SS9 4LT


•  To ensure continuity of care with your NHS GP, all consultation notes undertaken with a babylon GP will be automatically sent to your NHS practice to be included in your medical records. 

•  The babylon service is restricted to primary care services only. Diagnostics and referrals to secondary care services will be referred back to your NHS GP for further management.

•  Not all features of the app will be provided to NHS patients on a free basis. This includes but is not limited to the monitor functionality where home tests are can be requested.

•  NHS patients are under no obligation to use the babylon service or any of the private features.

•  The babylon support number is charged at the standard rate for landlines and mobiles.

•  As a pilot service, only 6 pharmacies will be offered for the use of NHS prescriptions. Patients have no obligation to use the private prescription service.