Partnering with babylon

What we can offer


Artificially intelligent symptom checking

An artificial intelligence (AI) symptom checker is available 24/7 to provide patients with the reassurance they need and to identify the appropriate course of action through their mobile and computer.


Fast answers by clinicians to health questions

Ability to communicate and send text/picture messages for quick answers from babylon doctors and nurses.


Online consultation systems for general practice

We provide a standalone online consultation platform, enabling the practices own clinical staff to carry out video and voice consultations. We also provide a comprehensive clinical record system enabling secure and immediate access from anywhere for patients and doctors to their comprehensive babylon digital health records. This includes recordings of consultations, medical history, medications, allergies, pathology and imaging results. CCGs and practices have access to £45 million of funding from NHS England over the next three years for online consultation services.


GP support

We already provide services direct to existing general practices facing workload and recruitment challenges. For example, in Essex, we enable patients in two GP surgeries to have online consultations with babylon GPs. By giving patients the choice to talk to babylon GPs online or over the phone, we have successfully freed up time for the Essex GPs.


Full partnering with babylon

NHS practices that partner with babylon will be bringing together the medical expertise in the practice with babylon’s mobile technology, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and predictive algorithms. As a result, patients will get the best physical and digital care. Each patient can download the babylon app and will receive the full babylon digital service, all free of charge to the patient in accordance with the founding NHS principles). Where a physical appointment is required, this would take place at the practice surgery. The full babylon digital service includes:


· Artificially intelligent symptom checking

· Fast answers by babylon clinicians to health questions

· GP consultations by video or phone

· Digital assistance with medication and treatment adherence

· babylon clinical record system

· Machine-generated GP notes

· Patient health profile, enabling patients to collect, assess and benchmark their own information across key factors impacting individual health (e.g., environment, behaviour and biology).

· Adaptive and predictive health analytics

· Pharmacy location service


How to contact us

By supporting patients digitally wherever possible and medically appropriate, GPs can practice at the top of their licence and patients needing an appointment at the practice get the care they need with much less of a wait.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities that babylon offers for partnering with NHS general practices, please contact