1.1           The price of the Services or Products will be set out in the Company's App or in the Schedules to these Terms at the time of agreement by the Company to provide the Services and or Products. The Company's prices may change at any time, but price changes will not affect any Services or Products which you have already ordered.

1.2           These prices exclude: (i) VAT, where applicable, and unless otherwise stated; and: (ii) reasonable credit card and other processing fees, where these are incurred by the Company.

1.3           Subject to clause 6.6, the Company will typically charge or invoice you for the Services or Products at the time you order them. Any amounts charged or invoiced are due and payable upon the invoice being issued unless otherwise specified in these Terms or the App.

1.4           You can pay for Services or Products using a credit or debit card.

1.5           Payment for the Services and/or Products and all applicable delivery charges is to be made in advance.

1.6           When you book a consultation with a Practitioner, request a medical test or fulfilment of a prescription, or request other Products or Services from time to time, we may: (i) charge you in full for that Service or Product, or (ii) invoice your insurer, and in the event there is a shortfall in your insurer’s contribution relative to the price of the Product or Service, later invoice you for that shortfall.

1.7           The Company will use reasonable endeavours to process select insurance claims directly with approved insurers on your behalf, providing you have provided correct and sufficient insurance details (including, without limitation, authorisation details for the relevant treatment), the relevant treatment is likely to be a treatment covered by the insurance company, you have consented or requested such processing in the App and the insurance company is one which is on an approved list as having agreed to such interaction with the Company. By providing your insurer’s information through the App you will be deemed to have consented to the above processing but, for the avoidance of doubt, the Company shall not process an insurance claim with any insurer without a valid pre-authorisation number for that treatment that you supply. It is your responsibility to verify with your insurer that the condition to be treated is covered by your insurance, and to obtain a pre-authorisation number for your treatment which you enter into the App. The Company is not responsible for this pre-authorisation or verification. Insufficient documentation will prevent direct settlements and may result in the account being billed to you. Any shortfalls in benefit are your responsibility. Should your insurer determine that the care and treatment is not covered, or not fully covered, under your insurance policy, you agree that you will be liable for the portion of the charges that are not settled by the insurer.

1.8           You agree to provide only valid pre-authorisation details and insurance processing requests through the App.

1.9           You understand and acknowledge that pathology (tests) and treatments ordered following a consultation with a GP may not be eligible for insurer contributions that may be available if ordered following a consultation with a Specialist.

1.10        You understand and acknowledge that subscriptions will automatically renew upon the end of the agreed term, unless you provide a written request to the Company to cancel the subscription prior to the end of the relevant subscription period.

1.11        Subscriptions available within the App are monthly subscriptions, payable up-front in advance. For your convenience, the per-month price may be displayed.