Suzie Poyser


Suzie Poyser is a qualified person-centred counsellor, registered with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, with over 7 years of experience in supporting adults and young people with a broad range of issues and challenges. She is passionate about the potential of counselling to help clients find more compassionate ways to relate to themselves and others, and to lead richer, more emotionally satisfying lives.

As a person-centred counsellor and mindfulness practitioner, Suzie’s approach is compassionate and non-directive. This means she gives clients the opportunity to talk through their worries at their own pace. She can also provide mindfulness techniques to help manage stress and anxiety.

Suzie believes in a holistic approach to mental health and adopts this approach herself, ensuring that she makes time to do the things she loves, like yoga, long walks in nature, dancing and art.