Specialist Consultations

You can choose to book a consultation with a specialist directly through babylon, without a referral from a GP. Specialist consultations cost £49 for subscribers and £79 for pay-as-you-go members. The waiting time for specialist appointments is usually 2-3 working days. 


Q. How do I book a specialist consultation?

A. Simply email our support team support@babylonhealth.com, and they will be in touch as soon as possible to arrange your appointment.


Q. Can babylon GPs refer me to an NHS specialist?

A. babylon is a private healthcare service and as such our referrals for diagnostic tests and specialists are private. You can speak with a babylon GP to discuss the referral process and then decide whether you get your tests done privately or get an NHS referral. 


Q. I had connection issues and missed my consultation, will I be refunded?

A. No. You need to ensure that at the time of your consultation you have a good WiFi or mobile internet connection. 

For a good quality video call via our web app the minimum bandwidth requirement is 300kbps per stream. You can check your bandwidth here.

For the best experience:

Chrome version 46.0 and above

Mozilla Firefox version 40.0 and above


Q. What happens with my specialist appointment recording?

A. To reassure you to begin with, babylon will never give any other organisation access to personal data, and holds all personal data with technical and organisational security which complies with the keeping of health records. 

You can see a full recording of your session when you go to Clinical Records - perfect for those times when you can't remember everything that was said. Don't worry, all recordings are encrypted and accessible to you, your therapist and  members of the babylon clinical team managing your care, for the purpose of ensuring exceptional quality of service.