Persons aged 18 years of older may use the App on their own, via their own account, via payment made using their own credit or debit card. Persons aged 16 years to 18 years may use the App on their own, via their own account, with payment provided by a credit or debit card belonging to a parent, legal guardian or other adult individual who has consented for their credit or debit card to be used for such purposes. Persons older than 28 days and under 16 years of age (a “Minor”) may have their account opened by a parent or legal guardian on their behalf but (i) the Minor’s account shall be accessible only by switching profiles within the adult’s account to which it is attached; and (ii) the Minor may use the App and the Services only with the express permission and ongoing presence and supervision of the parent or legal guardian. The Company and its Affiliates reserve the right to refuse to provide Services and/or Products, terminate accounts, or remove or edit content where they have a reasonably held suspicion that a Minor is using the App and/or the Services contrary to the provisions of this clause 16.