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Babylon Health

Welcome to Babylon 360

Your Ambetter Virtual Access
Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Available from the Babylon app or website

  • Virtual Visits
  • Therapy On Demand
  • Personal Care Advisor
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Digital Health Tools
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Real-time Insights
  • Transportation Assistance
  • 24/7 Health Assistance
  • Lab & Imaging Tests
  • Local Referrals to Specialists
  • and More!

“Couldn't have been any easier. The doctor was terrific, professional, intelligent, and empathetic. What more could you ask for?”

— Heather M.

Babylon member since 2020 

What we treat

Medical consultations

Types of care offered:

Primary Care
Urgent Care
Chronic Disease Management
Specialist Referrals

Conditions treated include:

Cold and Flu
Men’s Health
Women’s Health (Menopause, Birth Control)
High Blood Pressure
Pain Management
Food Allergies
Sexually Transmitted Infections

Wellness & prevention

Types of tools available:

Monitoring (mood, biometrics)
Personalized Health Plans
Smart Device Integration (e.g. Fitbit)

Conditions treated include:

Weight Management
Smoking Cessation

Personal support

Care Team:

Support your Babylon Journey
Connect to Community Resources
In-home Support
Personal Care Advisor

Mental health

Types of care offered:


Conditions treated include:

Panic Attacks
Social Anxiety
Sleep Disorders
Eating Disorders
Social Isolation

Registration information

Find your health plan below for information on how to get started. Register online or use your special health plan code to register through the Babylon app.

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVAGA

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVAIN

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVAMO

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVANE

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVANH

or download the Babylon app and enter health plan code: AVAOH

Getting started

User guide

Here's our handy user guide to get you set up with Babylon. You'll need your insurance/health plan card handy to confirm your eligibility.


How do I see a doctor online?

After setting up your Babylon account, select the appointments tab. From there, you can

  • Select an appointment
  • Enter the reason for appointment
  • Select the date and time of your appointment
  • Request a translator (if needed)

When first booking an appointment with us, you can filter by gender. You can also rebook with a Babylon provider you have seen before. When the day of your appointment comes, your provider will call you through the Babylon app.

What do online doctors treat?

Our online doctors can treat a number of medical conditions. Typically, 60% of health issues can be handled by a video appointment*. From a sore throat or the flu to eczema, skin infections, and other skin conditions to a consultation for COVID-19. Anything you could see a primary care doctor for, we can treat. We also include treatment for developmental disorders like ADHD, pediatric issues, allergies, and more.

* Based on research from Cal Matters, Kaiser Permanente, and internal UK data from Babylon GP at Hand.

Virtual doctors can also request lab tests, recommend specialists, and more. See our What We Treat page for a full list of medical conditions we treat online.

What will a virtual doctor visit cost?

With a qualified health insurance plan, our telehealth services are available at no cost to you, with a $0 copay.

How fast can I see a doctor?

If you have non-life-threatening concerns about your health and wellness, you can book a virtual appointment to see a doctor on-demand. With Babylon, you can usually see a provider within half an hour.

Can I get help for mental health issues online?

We offer therapy and psychiatry services for addressing mental health issues for patients with select health plans. Online therapy services include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) / psychotherapy (talk therapy). Online counseling from licensed therapists and healthcare providers can help you manage your symptoms for a variety of mental and behavioral health issues.

When can I make a virtual doctor appointment?

You can book an appointment with a healthcare professional any time, 24/7. Whenever is most convenient for you!

How do referrals work?

Babylon clinicians can provide private specialist, diagnostic, and pathology referrals. You can take your referral to any private healthcare provider for further examination and treatment.

If you have private health insurance, speak to your insurer before you book your external appointment.

Can I request lab tests and discuss my results?

Yes. To request a lab test, please book a digital appointment with one of our general medical providers. Lab tests for our behavioral health services will be ordered by one of our psychiatrists. Once we receive your results, they will be reviewed by our in-house provider team. One of our nurses will then be in touch with you directly to share the results or arrange a follow-up.

Download the Babylon app today

Download the Babylon app and enter your state code (see above to find which code you should use).

All available at no-cost through Ambetter.

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1 Behavioral Health services are available 7am — 7pm (CT). Primary care services are available 8am - 6pm (CT). 

2 The Babylon members were not compensated for their statements and provided written approval to use it for marketing purposes. This testimonial is genuine, represents the current opinion of the member, is applicable to the advertisement and accurately reproduced. 

3.  $0 co-pays are for in-network medical care by Babylon providers. Medical care is provided by individual providers through Babylon. $0 Telehealth copay does not apply to plans with HSA until the deductible is met, and is only applicable when used through the Babylon program. Ambetter does not provide medical care. Medical care is provided by individual providers through Babylon Health.