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5 health hacks for busy people


No time for downtime? Here are 5 simple ways to stay healthy at work.

1. Be snack smart

Sugary snacks give you an instant energy rush. But they’re often followed by a slump. It’s ok to have the occasional treat, but there are tastier, healthier options. Think hummus, nuts, protein pots and muesli.

2. Stay hydrated  

Drink lots of water. Add a slice of lemon or cucumber. This can make water taste more satisfying. It also tricks you into drinking more and eating less.

3. Make time for break time

It’s good to take breaks, even if you’re really busy. Instead of eating lunch at your desk, try the breakout area. You could also take a short walk outside or make yourself a cup of tea.

4. Go nuts over almond butter

It's packed with protein, fiber and healthy fat.

5. Prepare your meals

Try to think about what you're going to eat the next day and do some prep, even if it's washing some fruit for snacks or cutting up vegetables.