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10 Jul 2017

The Future of Healthcare — And What It Means for Your Organisation

What are some of the world's most inspiring business leaders doing to change the game of employee engagement?

As much as we wish “happy” were the status quo, the sad truth is, we’re living in an era of employee disengagement.

  • 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged. — Gallup
  • 96% of senior leaders report feeling burned out. — Harvard Medical School
  • 80% of employees come to work sick, despite knowing the risks. — HR Dive

The good news is, with stats like these, employers who succeed in engaging employees will have a big competitive advantage.

But you don’t have to take it from us, or the stats. Some of the world’s most inspiring business leaders are busy changing the game. They’re creating cutting edge health tools to improve workplace productivity, retain top talent and make offices everywhere more than a little bit brighter — and the best part? They walk the talk.

Help Your People Thrive

“If you think about it, we all take better care of our smartphones than we take care of ourselves.”

—Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

Arianna Huffington was definitely running on empty when she collapsed at her office in 2007. So what’s a media mogul to do? Take one bad experience and build a company out of it, of course! Huffington created Thrive Global in November 2016 with the mission of bringing balance to the relationship between technology and humanity. Through its corporate partnerships, Thrive helps some of the world’s biggest companies take better care of their employees. They provide cultural assessments, wellness programme management and live interactive trainings to spark lasting behavioural change.

An EAP That Actually Works

“We want to put employees at the heart of everything we do.”

— Jamie True, Founder & CEO, LifeWorks

At the HR Tech Conference in 2016, Jamie and the LifeWorks team wowed the crowd when they claimed the title of Next Great HR Tech Company, winning out over an astounding 150 applications. And for a tech company, their mission is surprisingly simple: make employees feel loved. Think that sounds a little soft? Think again. LifeWorks boasts a user count of over 15 million employees across the globe. Its unique platform turns the traditional EAP model on its head by using private social networking, combined with great UX, to deliver wellness and engagement perks to the growing millennial workforce.

Employees Who Sleep Better, Perform Better

“Think of an area of your life that sleep doesn’t affect — there’s isn’t one.”

— Peter Hames, CEO & Co-founder, Big Health

According to research from Harvard, insomnia costs the U.S. a whopping $63 billion per year in lost productivity. For former insomniac Peter Hames, that’s just not right. Peter joined forces with world-renowned sleep expert Professor Colin Espie and founded Big Health, the digital health company that believes the best remedies don’t always come in a pill. Their flagship product is a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) course called Sleepio. Using over 35 years of sleep research and proven CBT techniques, Sleepio (and it’s corporate division, Sleepio at Work) helps employees cope with lifestyle, environmental and mental stressors so they can fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up ready to roll.

Know What’s Really Going On Inside Your Body

“Everyone knows prevention is better than cure.”

— Hamish Grierson, CEO & Co-founder, Thriva

Some of the most amazing insights about your health come from your blood. But who really has time to bounce around from pathologist to NHS and back again? Enter Thriva’s subscription-based blood testing kits. For as little as £49 you get in-depth reports on your personal risk, wellness and energy markers, delivered straight to your door. And forget the fist-squeezing and latex, all Thriva needs is a simple finger prick test. At babylon, we’re BIG fans of anyone who wants to help patients stay healthy and escape the queue, keep it up guys!

Gamified Perks = Engaged Employees

“Happy teams do great things.”

— Saurav Chopra, CEO & Co-founder, Perkbox

What if you could make coming to work feel better than sex? It’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Perkbox founder, Saurav Chopra uses gamification to trigger dopamine as employees interact with the perks inside the platform. Users feel happy and addicted — in a good way. Perkbox offers rewards and incentives in three key areas: financial, physical and emotional wellbeing, to help employers engage and develop their staff in all areas of life.

Bringing Wellness In-house

“Happier people are more productive.”

— Liz Wilkes, Founder, Exubrancy

Just when you thought the NYC way of life couldn’t get any cooler, in comes Liz Wilkes with Exubrancy — an innovative office wellness company that delivers onsite fitness classes, meditation workshops and even massages, straight to your workplace. Launched in 2013, the Manhattan-based startup now provides wellness perks to over 400 offices across the US.

Wellness Never Looked So Good

"[If] I am in a stressful meeting or there are a lot of opinions, I can navigate that in a way that is very calm and rational. It is easier to concentrate as well without getting distracted or anxiety about other things I need to work on."

— Nora Levinson, CEO & Co-founder, Caeden

What do you get when you cross high design with Russian cosmonaut technology? A wellness wearable unlike any other. And Nora Levison should know. As a mechanical engineer for brands like Jawbone and Skullcandy, she was disappointed to see that while most wearables were great at tracking fitness metrics, none of them could help her cope with the massive amounts of work-induced anxiety she faced every day. So Nora and her co-founder David Watkins created the sleek and sexy Sona bracelet. Sona uses the same technology used by Russian cosmonauts to monitor heart rate variability, measure your exposure to chronic stress and help improve your resilience to stress through guided meditation so you can stay cool, no matter what the day brings.

Your Culture is Your Future

"Our team members are critical to the future of our company, so it is of upmost importance that we create a culture and environment that allows them to thrive and be their best each day."

— Rick Stollmeyer, CEO & Co-founder, MINDBODY

Rick Stollmeyer co-founded MINDBODY in his garage in 2001, with the goal of ‘leveraging technology to improve the wellness of the world’. MINDBODY's integrated software and payments platform unites local wellness entrepreneurs with consumers, making it a total breeze to find the perfect fitness class, meditation workshop or spa treatment wherever you go. Stollmeyer’s employees enjoy perks like weekly yoga sessions and a monthly wellness card to use on any fitness class of their choice.

Embrace Diversity

“It’s really important that your founding team complement each other’s skills.”

— Bernhard Niesner, CEO & Co-founder, busuu

While struggling to learn Spanish at business school in Madrid, Niesner and his co-founder, Adrian Hilti dreamed of a new way to learn languages, one that would ditch old school CD-ROMs and make the process fun. Today, busuu helps over 40 million people, including entire business organisations, become multilingual. Internally, Niesner and his team keep a strong focus on talent and cultural diversity. They use an engaged yet stress-free hiring process to attract star talent. And once they’re in, Niesner and his executive team take awesome care of their employees, using remote healthcare through babylon to make sure staff always have access to board certified GPs.

Take Care of Your People

“I think it’s really important to look after your staff. If they’re happy and enjoy working at your company then they’ll do a good job.”

— Lily Simpson, Founder & CEO, Detox Kitchen

Lily Simpson was studying to be a chartered surveyor when she had her aha moment. Two years later, her home delivery service had grown into a full-fledged business with a flagship deli and fitness studio in Fitzrovia — and a client roster including household names like Elle Macpherson. (And of course, Gwyneth loves her too.) Adequate nourishment can raise productivity levels by 20% and to Simpson, workplace wellness is a no-brainer. She and her team are busy making offices all over London more productive through bespoke corporate catering solutions for companies large and small.

The Revolution Will Be Digitized

“Digital solutions have the potential to completely change the face of healthcare, so much so that it will be unrecognisable in the next five years.”

— Ali Parsa, Founder & CEO, babylon

Last but not least is our own Ali Parsa. Parsa had the idea for babylon after a long day at an overseas conference in 2012. He went to his room to check in with his family and his wife informed him that his smallest child had gotten ill the night before. With Parsa away on business, she had to decide whether to take all three kids to the emergency room (every mom’s nightmare). Over the next couple of days, Parsa discovered that nearly every attendee at the conference, regardless of their home country, had a story like this one. He created babylon health in 2013 to help give these stories a happier ending.

babylon health was the first service of its kind to be registered with the Care Quality Commission in England. We've joined forces with companies of all sizes who have chosen to offer our 24/7 health service to their employees, helping us with our mission to to make healthcare accessible and affordable to everyone.

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Written by Zoe Puckering

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