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29 Nov 2017

Uncommon ways to avoid cold and flu this winter

How can you ensure it ‘tis the season for giving and not getting sick? We’ve uncovered some less common tricks and tips to prevent the dreaded lurgy. 

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quiet woman sitting relax

Protein power 

fish fillet

Studies show that low-protein diets can drain the immune system. So you might want to up your intake of protein-rich foods – like eggs, fish and yoghurt. It’ll help your body build antibodies to fight off infection.

And if you’re a meat-eater, the zinc in beef gives an added immunity boost. Just be aware that if you’re already fluey, dense protein like steak could put too much pressure on your poorly gastric intestinal track.

Sweet, sweet potato

sweet potato pie

Sweet potato is ripe with vitamin A – which helps the body make more white blood cells to fight viruses. It also keeps mucous membranes in tip-top shape. Why is that important? Because the skin is your body’s first line of defence against infections.

Chew on this

garlic cloves

Chewing on a raw garlic clove every few hours may help prevent colds and flu. Why? It could be down to allicin, a compound in crushed garlic that’s antiviral and antibacterial. Have a breath mint handy.

You just might want to pop a breath mint afterwards.

Humid home

humid heart on window

The flu virus survives and thrives in low humidity, raising the risk of getting sick. So stick a few humidifiers in your home or office, and breathe your way to better health.


dark chocolate cranberries

Sugar seriously weakens immunity, so sweets are out. But dark chocolate is chock-full of theobromine, which alleviates the urge to cough.In fact, it’s been shown to be three times more effective than codeine. Dark chocolate is also an antioxidant powerhouse – just be sure to choose a bar with at least 70% cocoa.

Jazz hands

piano woman

Listening to jazz for half an hour has been shown to boost levels of an immune protein (Immunoglobulin A) that lives in mucus linings and fights infection. Soft rock, choral music and bluegrass work well, too.

Be well

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As you can see, there are many weird and wonderful ways to ward off winter germs. But if you do have a health concern or need to talk, our GPs and therapists are always here to help. Book a consultation.

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