Healthy people, healthy business

Join Babylon and support the health and wellbeing of your employees. Your employees can enjoy 24/7 access to:

  • Video doctor, physiotherapy, nurse and pharmacist appointments
  • Our instant Symptom Checker
  • A digital Healthcheck
  • Our COVID-19 Care Assistant

    All of this, for less than £4 each a month.

    Join Babylon

    How Babylon works

    Here's what your employees get with Babylon

    We’re so much more than just a virtual GP service.

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      Symptom Checker

      Check your symptoms instantly and get the most appropriate

      health information.

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      Video appointments

      Talk to GPs, physios, nurses and pharmacists at any time of the day or night.

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      Have prescriptions sent straight to the nearest pharmacy or delivered to your doorstep for free.

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      Track your mood and health regularly. Monitor helps you to stay active and better understand your state of mind.

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      Answer questions to check your current health, and get insights to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

    Why choose Babylon for your business?

    • Reduce absenteeism

    • Increase productivity

    • Give employees peace of mind

    • Save thousands of working hours

    • Get insight into employee health

    • Trusted by leading organisations

    You’re in great company

    We’re trusted by a number of healthy businesses.

    • BNP Paribas
    • Heathrow
    • HSBC
    • Cisco
    • Shell
    • BuzzFeed


    Give your employees free and unlimited access to Babylon for just £3.75 per month per employee.

    Simply enter your total number of UK employees below to calculate the total annual cost.

    For additional cover (e.g. adding family members) further charges shall apply.

    Have you got less than 10 or more than 200 employees? Get in touch with us at

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    Simply enter your details below for 24/7 care for your employees, in just 24 hours.

    You will receive payment details and a welcome email including everything you and your employees need to get started with Babylon.

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    How long will I be signing up for?

    By entering your details and submitting the above form, you are agreeing to cover your UK employees with Babylon for 12 months.

    How long does it take to get set up?

    Once you’ve submitted the form, we’ll welcome you within 24 hours, or on the next working day. You’ll receive an email to validate and upload your employees’ details to our portal, and your employees will have access about 12 hours after, following a successful upload and validation by Babylon.

    How do I ensure that only my employees have access?

    To ensure that it’s only your employees who get access to Babylon, we need to validate them using the information provided by you (employee first name, last name and date of birth). Then, upon registering, as long as the entered information matches our records, we will grant them access. We will email you a link to our employee validation portal where you can upload a .csv list containing your employees’ details.

    Can I also add Babylon cover for my employees' dependents?

    Yes! You can either sign up and then add this on at a later date, or get in touch with us now at for more information and a quote.

    How do my employees register and get set up?

    Firstly, they should download our app by searching for ‘Babylon’ in their app store. In your welcome email, you will receive a unique membership code for your employees to enter (they can do this when registering, or afterwards). Once they have successfully applied the code, they will receive 24/7, unlimited access to Babylon. Make sure to share this code with your employees, as if they do not apply the code, they will be charged for appointments.

    How can I let my employees know about their new benefit?

    In your welcome email, you’ll see a link to our client onboarding hub. This includes all of the materials and assets for you to launch and promote Babylon to your company, including a welcome email to forward on, an explainer video and a getting started guide. Don’t forget to share your unique company code with your employees, so that they don’t get charged for appointments.

    I have more than 200 employees, or I want Babylon for my non-UK employees

    Please get in touch with us at for more information.

    How do prescriptions work in the UK?

    Our GPs are able to prescribe medications on both video and phone calls. You will be given the choice in the app between having your prescribed medication delivered to your door (usually delivered the next day), or collecting your medication from a pharmacy of your choice. If you choose to have your private prescription sent to a pharmacy, you are normally able to collect your prescription from that pharmacy, along with your medication, within an hour. As the prescriptions are private, you’ll need to pay for the cost of your medicine.

    Please see our full FAQs here