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Last updated 13 March 2020

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App Name:

  • Checkbase Symptom Checker

Version Number:

Checkbase: V1

Checkbase: 17 DEC 2018

Babylon Health Canada Limited
2280 - 510 W Georgia
Vancouver, British Columbia


Intended Use:

The Symptom Checker (Checkbase) is a chat-based triage service that analyses the initial user input, then goes through a series of questions, predetermined by clinicians, matched to that input to get to an appropriate triage decision. Based on the user interaction, the app provides triage advice to guide users to the most appropriate form of healthcare service based on their medical symptoms. It is available to download on mobile platforms, and to registered users on a web platform.

At the end of a flow, the user will be presented with a suggested triage outcome based on their symptoms, and this advises on how urgently they should be treated. If a self-care outcome is provided, this will be accompanied with self-care advice where appropriate.


  • Do not use the Symptom Checker in an emergency. Prior to entering the chat flow users are advised “if this is an emergency, please call 911”.
  • The Symptom Checker is powered by artificial intelligence and is not a real clinician.
  • Output from the Symptom Checker does not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or treatment; it provides triage advice based on the combination of symptoms that a user enters.
  • If your symptoms persist, change or worsen, or you are concerned, seek further advice.
  • The Symptom Checker is only for users aged 16 and over.
  • You should read our terms and conditions for more information.
  • Where appropriate we use error messaging to guide users to improve inputs such as incorrect passwords
  • The Symptom Checker is not suitable if you have the following symptoms or are at all concerned
    • Severe, heavy or crushing chest pain, which may move to jaw, neck, arm, or back, or be associated with sweating, shortness of breath or nausea.
    • Signs of a stroke, which may include facial weakness, inability to hold both arms up, or difficulty speaking.
    • Severe breathing problems.
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    We’re BSI certified: ISO 27001 under certificate number IS 710950.
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    The medical app you can trust

    Our chatbot triage service is registered with the MHRA and CE marked as a Class I medical device, which means it conforms to all European regulatory standards. MHRA registration number 7139

  • Health Canada, Santé Canada
    Certified by Health Canada

    Health Canada Medical Device Establishment Licence number 7805