We are babylon

We have a clear mission

Let's start with what matters. We founded babylon with a single purpose. To put an accessible, affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth. Everything else flows from this; our values and the way we behave, the people we seek, the manner we recruit, what we expect, how we reward, and the way we work with each other to deliver this mission.

We have a quieter mission too

To show that we can do something exceptional without being inhuman. Many believe the end justifies the means. We think the ‘mean’ is just as important. So we are set to prove that work and life can balance, with a mission and an attitude that mirrors.

Babylon Quieter Mission

Dream big, act fast

We have a big dream: To put quality healthcare into the hands of everyone on earth. But we are not just idealists with big ideas. We take those ideas and are relentless in making them happen, as fast as we can. Scale and speed go hand in hand.

Babylonhealth Work Team

Good enough,
never is

Why bother being just good when we can do great? We never lose sight of the bigger picture, but pay attention to the small things that make the difference. We aim to exceed expectations every time. There is little room for hubris and complacency in babylon. Excellence is a pursuit, a never ending chase.

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Everybody matters

We have a humane mission, because we are humans. Being human is being compassionate and caring for others. It is not ok to do something amazing, in an amazingly inhuman way. The way we treat all, matters as much as what we accomplish. To do something big, we need to bring many big talents together. Every person has a part to play, and it all matters.

Careers Passion

Our values determine our behaviours. And our behaviours become our company.

Our behaviours are born from our values.

Because values are only words until you put them into action.

  • Compassionate

    Above all else, we care. No drama. No politics. It’s that simple.

  • Inclusive

    We collaborate. With insiders and outsiders. The intelligence of many always beats those of a few.

  • Creative

    Curiosity does not kill, it creates. We are always questioning, never satisfied with the status quo. We are unrelenting in dreaming up new solutions.

  • Uncompromising

    We aim high. We accept nothing 'nearly right' or 'good enough'. We won't stop until we've done what we need to.

  • Positive

    We say yes. It is always easier to say no, but no gets us nowhere. We have no room for personal negativity. None whatsoever.

  • Ownership

    We take responsibility. We're self starters and problem solvers. We don't pass it on, we own it. 

Whether you’re a data scientist, doctor or marketeer, our benefits package is designed to keep you happy and fulfilled during your time with us. Here’s what we offer...

The important stuff

For the bank balance: we offer a competitive salary package and share scheme

For your health: we’ll give you Bupa health insurance and life insurance 

For the family: free subscription to babylon for the whole family and childcare vouchers for parents

For the future: we offer a pension scheme

Culture Tech Meeting

The nice stuff

Make yourself at home: in our lovely offices in the heart of Chelsea

Get involved: there’s a bucket load of entrepreneurial spirit and exciting working environment

Tuck in: we’ve got a free fridge policy, breakfast, snacks and all the fruit you can eat

Dress how you feel: we don’t have a uniform

Suit yourself: choose your own equipment and chair

Go wild: we have an awesome R&D budget for innovation projects

Babylon Sloane Avenue Building

The fun stuff

Play: join in our table tennis and video game tournaments

Socialise: the babylon bar is open for business

Learn: our lunchtime sessions aim to inspire 

Relax: indulge in free yoga and football every week 

Enjoy: get ready for our monthly social gatherings

Culture Babylon Yoga

Get to know us a bit better 

With this short and snappy guide to babylon

Current vacancies

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If applying for jobs in Rwanda, please send your CV to rwanda@babylonhealth.com.