Engineering the future of healthcare

In 2017 we ticked a lot of boxes at Babylon. We:

  • Released an advanced AI information platform
  • Set up the Babylon user graph, giving us one of the most advanced data capabilities in healthcare
  • Created one of the largest medical knowledge bases in the world, incorporating over 500m data concepts
  • Built a leading natural language understanding in medicine, now becoming multilingual
  • Built first-class healthcare applications that integrate with the NHS and other health services, as well as commercial partners
  • Extended our UK platform to support our Rwanda deployment

In 2018, we are imagining and developing new combinations of AI and healthcare. To do this, we need brilliant, forward thinking people to help us reach new heights in these fields.

It won't be easy or obvious (these are hard problems we're solving) but it will be exciting, challenging, stimulating and truly rewarding.

And of course, you won't be doing it alone: you'll have the support and knowledge of over 200 leading experts in AI, machine learning, natural language processing, mobile and back end software development, medicine, epidemiology and more.

What’s your niche?

  • AI software engineering

    Can you build revolutionary software and products, using AI, to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth?

  • Core platform engineering

    Can you develop core backend services that can handle real world demands of a massively scalable global healthcare platform?

  • Research engineering

    Can you evolve smart code to answer the deep problems generated through our statistical modelling and machine intelligence.

  • Machine learning scientists

    Can you prototype new models and services that will enhance our platform, transforming healthcare for millions of people worldwide?

  • Mobile and web engineering

    Can you develop state of the art native and web applications that delight your end users?

  • Clinical AI and Digital Health Fellowship

    Can you collaborate with data science, engineering and product teams to crack complex clinical problems in digital health?

We have become aware that fraudsters, pretending to be Babylon recruiters have made some fake job offers.

Please note our recruitment process involves attending interviews at our premises and/or a number of online/telephone conversations. All emails are sent from a Babylon Health address, for example,, and we would never ask you:

  • For your bank account details and/or
  • To purchase software

If you think you have received a suspicious email or something doesn’t seem quite right, please contact