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Babylon Health

Roles in Product

At Babylon, we are passionate about enhancing our ability to innovate and we are creating a data-centric, predictive digital platform that will allow most patients to self-manage their everyday needs. Leveraging our best in class AI, integrated data and experience platforms, we are creating a truly personalised healthcare experience that can scale around the world.

Spotlight on our Experience Design team

Our Experience Design team is part of our Product division, find out more about what this team works on below.

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Tell us what your team does/works on.

The Experience Design team at Babylon includes the design, content, user research, and operations divisions. We work together to create smart, cohesive experiences for Babylon members across our platforms. Our goal is a personalised and AI-integrated journey for the Babylon user.

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What kind of challenges does your team face?

Our work must accurately reflect the experiences of both our members and our vast clinician base. We want every user to feel safe and supported as they explore the digital health experience and seek out answers for their struggles. The Experience Design team strives for a positive interaction taken with easy, intuitive steps.

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