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Technology careers at Babylon

We’re building the future of healthcare. To do this, we need talented, conscientious people who want to make a difference in the world.

Work with the latest technology

You'll get to work with new and exciting tools and technologies to help us solve the toughest problems in health tech.


View the roles we have in technology at Babylon.

Clinical & Business Platform

Developing the core clinical tools at the heart of Babylon’s product.

View clinical & business platform vacancies

AI Engineering

Build one of the most sophisticated AI in the world that powers Babylon’s products.

View AI engineering vacancies

Platform Engineering & Infrastructure

Build the services and infrastructure needed to power the whole organisation.

View platform engineering & infrastructure vacancies


Help ensure that Babylon delivers the highest quality healthcare to its patients

View QA vacancies

Consumer Apps

Delivering a world-class user experience for millions of customers.

View consumer apps vacancies

Medical Tech

Developing the ‘doctor brain’ that is changing the way healthcare is delivered.

View medical tech vacancies

Research & Design

Driving better user experience through effective and scalable design systems.

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Drive the vision for Babylon’s suite of Products.

View product vacancies

IT and Security

Build the systems and processes to help Babylon grow and scale in a safe and effective way.

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Career Journeys


Rahul Goma Phulore - Staff Software Engineer

Read how Rahul has developed his career at Babylon to Staff Software Engineer.

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Hannah Cooper

Hannah Cooper - Software Engineer

Read about how Hannah's journey started in London, ended in Canada, changing teams in between.

Read Hannah's story

Yan Lau

Yan Lau - Product Manager

Learn about how Yan started her first Product role here at Babylon as a Junior Product Manager.

Read Yan's story