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10 things we did in 2019

Written by Babylon Team

, 3 min read

10 things we did in 2019

The future is a continuation of the past. As 2020 begins, it is good to take a look at 2019. Here are some of Babylon’s highlights from last year…

1. Delivered a patient consultation every 10 seconds, 24/7

We delivered 1.2m consultations with a health professional, just over 2 a minute, and 2.2m AI consultations, that’s just over 4 every minute, 24/7.

2. Completed a clinical consultation in Rwanda every 50 seconds

Our clinicians in Rwanda conducted over 600k consultations and integrated referrals to 418 partner health facilities across the country.

3. Added a new member every 30 seconds

That’s nearly 1 million new registrations, bringing our total to almost 4 million.

4. Became the UK's fastest ever growing NHS GP practice, and ranked “outstanding” for leadership by the regulator

With over 70K members and circa 1,500 more joining each week, we are already the UK’s third largest practice. In partnership with the NHS we showed that a digital-first primary care model can improve accessibility to 24/7 and reduce waiting times from days and weeks to minutes and hours. And we became one of only 5% of GP practices to be ranked “outstanding” for leadership by the regulator.

5. Delivered 17 new country localisations

This included US English, Spanish, Malay, Chinese, Arabic and more. We also launched in Canada, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia. On January 1st 2020, we went live in the biggest market of all - the USA.

6. Improved our AI-powered symptom checker efficiency by 40%

We merged our existing AI models into one experience called Triage, and it’s better than ever. We’ve managed to improve our user experience by using fewer, better targeted questions - without any loss of safety and appropriateness.

7. Added 1 billion new data points to make our system smarter

Our system learns with every interaction, and every learning helps everyone on the platform.

8. Launched a new product feature every month

We substantially improved the engineering and scalability of our technology, and added a whole set of new features such as Monitor, repeat prescriptions, medication reminders, and Tests & Kits direct to members’ homes.

9. Became the world’s largest team of scientists, engineers, clinicians and executives in digital health

This year we opened offices in Vancouver, Singapore, New York, Boston and Austin to add to our existing bases in London and Kigali. We welcomed hundreds of new Babylonians to the team, and are now home to over 1,700 Babylonians across the globe.

10. And most importantly, throughout it all, maintained 95% patient satisfaction rating

Through it all, we maintained our obsession for member satisfaction and by putting our customers first, we received 88% 5-star ratings (and 95% 5 and 4 star).

This is only the start. We have huge plans for 2020. We have a long way to go before healthcare is accessible and affordable for every person on earth.

The information provided is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Seek the advice of a doctor with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never delay seeking or disregard professional medical advice because of something you have read here.

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