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5 reasons why good healthcare is great for business

Written by Babylon Team

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5 reasons why good healthcare is great for business

In today’s world, people are looking for more than just good pay. They’re joining or leaving companies based on the benefits they’re offered. This is especially true when it comes to health and wellbeing benefits. It’s a trend that’s good for your employees and your business. Here’s why.

1. When you care, your people care

57% of people say that if employers proactively supported mental wellbeing, it would make them feel more loyal, be more productive and take less time off.1

2. People prefer health to wealth

More than two-thirds of workers said they’d prefer additional benefits over a pay raise, citing healthcare (36%) first, followed by flexible work hours (35%) and annual holiday leave (34%).2

3. Healthy leaders inspire healthy employees

Organisations whose leaders actively participated in health and wellbeing programmes reported higher rates of employee satisfaction (83%) and employee perception (85%) than organisations whose leaders didn’t actively participate.3

4. Your business becomes a safety net

More than 40% of small business workers say they depend on their workplace benefits for financial security and agree their benefits positively impact their overall health.4

5. Healthcare is a dealbreaker

83% of employees say health insurance is very or extremely important in deciding whether to stay in or change jobs.5

So, how much does your organisation care about healthcare?


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