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Hannah's Babylon Career Growth

Written by Babylon Team

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Hannah's Babylon Career Growth

When did you join Babylon?

January 2018. At the time the company was about 350 people and we had one core engineering team.

What role did you start in at Babylon?

I started as a software developer in a test on the QA team. I was mainly working with the core engineering team to build out our automated test suite.

What roles have you progressed to?

After a year at Babylon I moved into an engineering role on our Developer Experience team, responsible for building internal tools and automating development processes at Babylon.

Then in January this year I moved to the Canada office to work with the team there to support in technical and product decisions and engineering support for the Canada team. This has allowed me to also work with our clinicians, clinical staff and partners in Canada and be more involved in the wider business.

What has helped you grow your career at Babylon?

Mostly the people. I’ve had some really supportive managers who’ve encouraged me to take on more responsibilities, learn new things and have more confidence to put my ideas forward. I’ve also found that the teams I’ve been on have been full of intelligent but humble people, who teach you new things but aren’t afraid to admit when they don’t know something, which really helps with feeling comfortable making mistakes, trying new things and asking for help.

Also as the company has grown so much there’s often new opportunities and new things to learn.

What support have you received within Babylon to help grow your career?

My managers supported my transition when I wanted to move team into a more engineering focussed role, and supported me when I applied for the position in Canada.

What do you enjoy most about working at Babylon?

I enjoy knowing we’re doing something positive by helping people have access to good healthcare and health management. It’s great to hear the positive reviews and stories from users who’ve used our service. I also enjoy working with a team who are all very driven, passionate and talented.

How is Babylon as a place to work?

It’s fast paced, which while stressful at times it is also exciting.

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